CS&P Architects is one of Canada’s leading design practices, offering a full range of architectural, planning, interior and urban design services to a wide range of clients – educational, aquatic, recreational, child care, educational, commercial, and residential – in both the private and public sectors.

CS&P practices architecture that fosters community. Since the firm’s inception in 1962, a significant focus of our practice has been the programming and design of community-focused projects – recreation centres, aquatic facilities, child cares, libraries, schools, arenas, public spaces, and civic squares. Our primary objective in the design of these facilities is to discover imaginative and meaningful ways to respond to the mission of the users, creating buildings and spaces that are a joy to inhabit by the community they serve. Designing from the inside out, we continually explore ways to create timeless, functional interior designs that complement the building envelope and site attributes and enrich the lives of the users.

Our staff of 53 includes registered architects, CADD specialists, specification writers, and accredited urban design, interior design and LEED professionals. This dedicated team combines a commitment to design excellence with exceptional technical skills and leadership abilities. We strive in each project to create buildings and spaces that are memorable and inspire delight. Our commitment to these principles has been recognized with over 70 prestigious awards, including the OAA Award, the Toronto Urban Design Award, and the Hamilton and Mississauga Urban Design Awards. Ultimately, we consider a project a success when it embodies the vision and ideals of those who shape and inhabit the space, creating a place that people can embrace and make their own.