Meadowvale Theatre Renovation

Meadowvale Theatre is a performing arts facility located at Montevideo Road in Mississauga, Ontario and is operated by the City of Mississauga. The purpose of this interior and exterior retrofit project was to transform the building’s public spaces and its exterior façade to become a more flexible, contemporary, responsive, and welcoming public use facility.

The project scope includes improving the quality, capabilities, and outdoor flexibility of the theatre facility. A new community civic space is associated with the theatre, with a revised open space, pedestrian, and vehicular plan. An inviting an attractive new theatre façade was created to better reflect the facility’s use as a cultural destination and as a performing arts ‘incubator’ for the community. New and expanded multi-use front of house and back of house spaces were created to better support current activities and accessibility improvements to the stage and house were included in the plan.