Meadowvale Theatre Renovation

Meadowvale Theatre is a performing arts facility located at Montevideo Road in Mississauga, Ontario and is operated by the City of Mississauga. The purpose of this interior and exterior retrofit project was to transform the building’s public spaces and its exterior façade to become a more flexible, contemporary, responsive, and welcoming public use facility. The […]

Mississauga Civic Centre ‘C’ Cafe

The Mississauga Civic Centre C Cafe is located in Mississauga City Hall at the crossroads of the Grand Foyer/Council Chamber and the building’s main entrance. Originally used as a greenhouse space for quiet relaxation and breaks from daily activities, the cafe allows for similar activities in its new form as a cafe and lounge for […]

Streetsville Village Square Redevelopment

The design for Streetsville’s Main Street Square was developed from ideas that emerged through the 8-80 Cities citizen engagement process. The transformation and revitalization of the core of Streetsville  to a dynamic public realm was achieved with the use of a simple palette of materials and civic components which create a powerful sense of place. […]

Community Common Park Washroom Pavilion

The Pavilion is a landmark for Community Common Park visitors, and functions as both a public washroom facility and an outdoor seating area. The primary building material is glass, bringing an iconic form and light tectonic quality to the design as a deliberate departure from the “bunker-like” qualities often associated with public washroom facilities. A […]

Mississauga Celebration Square

The transformation of both the Mississauga City Hall and Library Squares into Celebration Square, a single, coherent public space, has helped to revitalize the City’s downtown core, and serves as a catalyst for economic development and tourism. The project scope includes a major outdoor sound stage and video screens, a smaller amphitheatre, as well as […]